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I’m still finding my way around this blogging thing but it turns out even in this world of blograft we still have  drama. Except rather than see it flow across the screen in green text or in guild forums  we have blogs, comments and comments on comments.  The recent blog drama started off as a fairly simple thing, I didn’t even see it at the time, but it sure snowballed quickly enough that even I couldn’t miss it. The scenario:

Blog 1 (Cranky healer) makes a post about RPing.

Blog 2 (Anna) decides blog 1 is out-of-order on said RPing post and posts her own opinion of the Blog 1 post.

Blog 1 /gquits or rather makes farewell post and deletes blog.

Lots of people with no involvement up till now start dissecting all the points and claims, counter claims,  sides are taken, and almost everyone who is anyone (or aspires to be) has an opinion.  Popcorn is bought in vast quantities and the blogging community watch for the next round. As Bill Shankly famously said  Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that. ” It seems that the blogging community is a bit like that with the Cranky drama.

Here’s my view on the whole thing – I don’t know these people (any of them), and while I don’t wish them any harm or unpleasantness, what happens to them won’t affect me at all. It seems completely blown out of proportion to me. Over reaction fueled by over reaction. I don’t understand the need for any of the bickering. Agree to disagree and move on.

I am slightly cynical, and having seen the amount of traffic this generated at other blogs I wonder if some of the posts and comments made are simply designed to generate more traffic at their own sites by linking to the sites where the drama unfolded. I don’t think there is any way to prove it one way or the other and of course the same charge can be levelled at me. I suspect some will be trying to manipulate the situation for a personal benefit and some won’t. Deciding upon who is and who isn’t  will be a very subjective call and not one I’m prepared to make.

If you write a blog you can’t choose who reads it. If you write a blog people will comment on what they see, so sooner or later someone will make a comment you don’t like. If you can’t deal with that then writing a blog is not for you. So far I’ve yet to experience that side of blogging, but if/when I do I’ll simply delete any comments made here I don’t like and ignore any others that are elsewhere. My blog is not some democratic process with a constitution and an equal voice for everyone, it’s just my ramblings and I’ll be judge and jury over what appears here and what doesn’t. It cannot be worthwhile to write a blog if you find the comments some people make (even if only a small minority) get through to you and cause distress, writing a blog should be for pleasure, it’s not a duty owed.

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  1. Hi there. “When you speak of the devil, sometimes he appears” ~ Shakespeare.

    Cranky started it off, but when i got to the nuts and bolts of it. When the RP’ers starting to take personal shots I needed to show them up so to speak.

    So I went over the top, in a round about way I had a point to make.

    To me there’s only one reader I care about, that’s me. I feel if you stay true to yourself, the people will come.

    As for deleting, or editing commenter I never do that, because an old proverb says, “Only a Jackass brays”

    Wish you luck with your blog. Take care.

  2. I suspect we will never agree here. So I’ll thank you for your good wishes and leave it at that.

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